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From the time I was a kid I messed with recording off and on, and when I finally got a job as a studio tech, I determined that I would learn to engineer recordings. Being a recording engineer is like being a musician: it is an art that can only be learned with lots of practice. A Famous Engineer was once asked how he became so skilled.  His reply?  “By screwing up other people’s records!” I didn’t want to make my mistakes with paying clients, so I had to get my practice elsewhere.  I worked a trade of services with The Schoolhouse studio (west of Ann Arbor, MI), and the fun began.

My first 24 track production project was cutting a couple of songs for my brother Glenn. He and his U of M med school dorm buddies Willie and Wake came out to the Schoolhouse one winter evening in late 1988 and recorded “Casanova’s Back In Town” and  “Shock Waves”.  I added some synth overdubs to the second tune a few days later, then took the tracks to United Sound studio B to mix.  I have just done a little light mastering and sweetening for this “presentation”, and I wasn’t able to make up my mind between two different versions of Shock Waves, so I am putting up both versions “A” and “B”, and asking for your opinion of which is better. Cast your vote here.

I now present to you the recordings of The Roc Docs:

Casanova’s Back In Town

hi fi   lo fi

Shock Waves (version A)

hi fi   lo fi

Shock Waves (version B)

hi fi   lo fi

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