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About Us

Chinese Puzzle Recording

Chinese Puzzle is, at present, a rather slovenly private production facility where we create, record, edit, mix, master and generally twist whatever audio comes to hand completely out of shape, even beyond recognition if necessary. Our primary focus is on music (as we define it, whatever that definition may be at the moment).

 We have no intention whatsoever of being all things to all people in all genres. Our goal here is to please ourselves. If the results of our work please others, we hope that their pleasure will bring us money to support our pernicious music production habit. If the resulting proceeds also manage to pay for such incidentals as food, shelter, etc., then so much the better!

About Me

Yeah, thatís my face in the top left corner. Over the years I have been a recording engineer, studio technician, broadcast engineer, announcer, and a few other things, mostly to do with electronics. Basically, music is what I understand and where I am most comfortable. Of course, music as a business is, for most people, a great way to starve, so naturally I would end up building a recording studio. 

I have been tinkering with this for years, in search of the ideal setup for my wants and needs.  The fact that I am such a badly disorganized person has made this a frustrating process. Everything about it seems to depend on something else, to the point where I find myself thinking that putting the studio together is like solving a Chinese Puzzle...  hence the name.


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